Bookworm has BIG news! The Bookworm Times has arrived!

The Bookworm Times is gonna be our biggest, most ambitious project yet and we are excited to present it! In TBT (The Bookworm Times) we will have interviews (with you!), comics, stories, and more! We will make yearly newspapers. Why yearly? Not monthly or weekly? Because then we can really cover all the things that happened and have you reading through and remembering the whole year until the next one. Unfortunately, our first newspaper will be released later than we were expecting. We cannot make it as originally planned because of the worldwide pandemic. We will still write articles about quarantine and other stuff in general on the blog but we won’t be able to create a whole newspaper. If you are wondering how the pandemic stops us, we make TBT newspapers about the news in the school. Since the school is closed down, we don’t have any news for the newspaper and let’s be honest; what’s a newspaper without news? Just a paper! If you have anything you would like to say or add, feel free to do so! Goodbye!

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