The story of buildings -15 czk                     Introduction to art -15 czk

     100 facts about history -15 czk

       Fantastic science facts -15 czk

                           What if -18 czk

           Space encyclopedia -18 czk

       Fiction                        The boy in the dress -9 czk  

Mr. Stink -9 czk           

Billionaire boy -12 czk                                 

Ratburger -12 czk                                             

Demon dentist -12 czk                      

Awful auntie -12 czk                            

Grandpa’s great escape -15 czk                  

Bad dad -15 czk  

Robin Hood -17 czk

The little prince -17 czk

Amulet (book 7) -18 czk

The parent agency -18 czk

The person controller -18 czk                             

Animalcom -18 czk                             

How to train your dragon (book 1) -18 czk

Pirates of the Carribean -18 czk

Narnia, (book 1-7) -14 czk per book


Special by Lemony Snicket: Why is this night different from all others -20 czk  


Exclusives by SuruGuru Productions:

CoMiX! with Max Niteson; Book One -20 czk 

CoMiX! with Max Niteson; Book Two -Coming Soon!

Note: If you would like to borrow any of these books; payments, contracts, etc. will be in person. Please contact us for more info.